X#1 View On Drawing

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Magazine X#1 View On Drawing

The theme of the first issue “View on Drawing” aims to grasp the art medium from different angles providing the base for further discussions on the subject in form of essays and creating a space for drawing reproductions of artists of different generations and with different approaches to drawing. The newly established platform is able to flexibly adapt the measurements, printing techniques and the actual conception of works. Moreover it also allows to „display“ originals.

Contributors: Svätopluk Mikyta (SK), Mária Čorejová (SK), Emöke Vargová (SK), Monika Pascoe-Mikyšková (SK), Juraj Gábor (SK), Dana Doricová (SK), Vladimír Kokolia (CZ),  X Editors (SK)

Editors: Slavomíra Ondrušová & Milan Vagač

Magazine for contemporary drawing

210 x 297 mm + different formats

Different formats in the envelope

200pcs English version

Offset, risograph, digital, screen printing & xerox


Graphic design: Vojto Ruman & Ado Juráček

ISSN: 1339 – 2522


Photo: Peter Simoník


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