X#2 Mind Lines

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Magazine X#2 Mind Lines

The second issue of X “Mind Lines” maps forms of contemporary drawing connected in different ways  to the thinking process.

Artists and theorists in this issue: Monogramista T.D (SK), Nikolaus Gansterer (A), Peter Machajdík (SK), Rastislav Podhorsky (SK), Dita Kaplanová (SK), Jirí Franta and David Böhm (CZ), Karin Harraser (A), Daniel Matej (SK), X Editors (SK)

Editors: Slavomíra Ondrušová & Milan Vagač

Magazine for contemporary drawing

210 x 297 mm + different formats

Different formats in the envelope

200pcs English version

Offset, risograph, digital,  screen printing & xerox


Graphic design: Vojto Ruman & Ado Juráček

ISSN: 1339 – 2522


Photo: Peter Simoník

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