Artist Stalk: Magazine X


Guests: Slavomíra Ondrušová, Milan Vagač

Moderator: Michal Stolárik

Artist Stalk  is a series of moderated discussions and presentations on contemporary art featuring emerging artists that continue also in 2016. The topic of the first edition is contemporary drawing and its limits. Presentations in regard to the topic were prepared by  Slavomíra Ondrušová and Milan Vagač.

They both are actively involved in their own art practices and together they run  Slovak based Magazine X, which examines the field of contemporary drawing and its intersections in neighboring countries. Each issue, except for the theoretical  texts, is accompanied  by reproductions, making the magazine an valuable article. From its very beginning in 2013, six billingual issues were published and distributed beyond the home market.

Jeweller Slavomíra Ondrušová and painter Milan Vagač will present their know-how about the state of contemporary drawing and will also present the past and upcoming issues of Magazine X.

  1. 27. 2016 (Wednesday)

17:00 to 19:00 hrs.
Kunsthalle CLUB
Free entrance
Video from the event:

Artist Stalk X

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