X9 ARTISTS: Adéla Součková

Czech author Adela Součková lives alternately in Prague and Berlin. Her work is an intersection of drawing, video projection, installation and performance and by combining these different media she creates a complex experience for the viewer. She is interested in the process of creation, the origination and cessation of the gesture, elusiveness of the moment and its notation, often dealing with the themes of death and life, growth and decay. Her performances, during which she often draws absurdly slowly on the gallery walls, resemble meditation. Intensive focus on the moment allows her to get as close as possible to the “source” of the gesture, to the mind and to observe the release or tension of the drawn line. The presence of the viewer in the drawing process enhances the importance of the momentary notation. In the drawings from series “I will draw…” provided for the current issue of Magazine X, she combines image and word. In these drawing she is focusing on the issue of periodicity and the rituals in relationships. In the interview with Czech theorist and curator Lenka Sýkorová she discusses her work and thinking process.

From the exhibition Movere, Dúm umění mesta Brna, Czech Republic.

Kristýna Bartošová & Adéla Součková:
Video & Live Painting performance
Openning May 5th at 8 p.m. at PANEL GALLERY FAMU Prague, Czech Republic. foto: Jirka Jansch

From the exhibition Virtual Cave and the Golden Cave, 2016. foto: Adéla Součková

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