Magazine X

magazine for contemporary drawing


Magazine X is a periodical focused on publishing and on theoretical reflection of contemporary drawing.

The magazine has a specific folder form, which provides wider possiblities for publishing works and author projects than the traditional magazine forms. Every issue maps forms of contemporary drawing based on specific themes emerging form the current context. The magazine reflects upon the course of contemporary drawing in the international context and it is published billingually in Slovak and English.

The founders and editors of the magazine are Slavomíra Ondrušová and Milan Vagač.



Magazine X
magazine for contemporary drawing
Evidence Number EV 5345/16
ISSN 1339-2522

X Editors
Slavomíra Ondrušová, Milan Vagač
200 pcs slovak version, 200 pcs english version

Published and bound in Slovakia
o. z. Hardness & Blackness
Karpatská 52
Marianka 90033
Slovak Republic
EIN (Employer ID Number) : 42269075
TIN (Tax ID Number): 2024047905

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Published since 2013


Slovak Arts Council

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